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One depression is not the other and it is almost impossible to describe how a depression feels because there are simply no reference points. What we can say is that depression is a syndrome. From a series of nine symptoms, someone must have at least five to get the predicate ‘depressed’. The second condition is that at least one of the two upper symptoms must be present:

  • 1. Feel sullen mood and emptiness
  • 2. Loss of interest and pleasure
  • 3. Feelings of feeling worthless or feeling guilty
  • 4. Disturbed sleep (bad sleep, often waking up, worrying)
  • 5. Reduced or even greater appetite
  • 6. Little energy or fatigue
  • 7. Slowness or persistent physical unrest
  • 8. Concentration problems or indecision
  • 9. Recurring thoughts of death or suicide


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